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Quebec Adventure Tours welcomes you and hopes that the information provided on our site will allow you to choose the desired way to rest and use our services throughout the year.

Our company operates on the tourist market since 2003 and is our activity has all required licenses. Main activity of the company is tourism. Since the company foundation we provide services in a professional manner, while respecting the wishes of our customers. Agree that a small number of travel companies can be characterized in such way.

We take care about every customer. We are ready to pay attention to development of individual tours. We offer only those travel programs which we new inside out and do it professionally. It is the policy of our company. And our company motto is "We are working for your rest!"

Your vacation starts with contacting us. Affable and friendly staff will help you choose your next dream vacation, taking into account all your wishes.

Nowadays, people tend to have all personal and private! Personal fitness coach, stylist, makeup artist, dentist, family doctor, etc. The travel agency is not an exception from this long list. We state the fact that travel agency activity is very similar to family doctor! After all, it is not a secret that planning a vacation for our clients, we choose the best option for flights, accommodation, food, treatment (if required), etc., in one word we take responsibility for the life and health our clients!

What do you look for in the tattoo shop? We can offer implementation of your creative ideas into body art, unforgettable positive experience with a new tattoo or a cover-up.

We wish you good time in Canada!